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Manufacturing "CUSTOM BUILT" Residential Snow Making Equipment.

 With over 20 years of snow making experience, Snow-Tec's extensive research & product development has gone into making the highest quality, most reliable and easy to use residential snowmaking equipment on the market.

Why SNOW-TEC Snow guns?

Our ST line of snow guns are "custom built" for each & every customer to work with your pressure washer & air compressor.  We calculate your gpm and cfm flow rates and build your snow gun with the correct nozzles and hose connections to meet our operating specs with your equipment.

All our snow guns are External Mix, meaning the air & water are kept seperate and NO adjustments are needed. Set it & forget it!

Ready to make snow?

All you need is an gas or electric pressure washer, air compressor, snowmaking temps 28* or less and a Snow-Tec ST snowgun!

If you don't have a pressure washer or air compressor, Snow-Tec can recommend what to purchace for your snowmaking system. We can also advise you on building a home snowmaking system correctly and safely.

Snow-Tec is an authorized distributor of Snomax for use in our injection system.


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