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Aluminum Tripod Snow Gun Stand

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Aluminum Snow Gun Stand:
  Snow-Tec's Aluminum tripod = "HANG TIME". The higher the snow gun, the better the SNOW QUALITY! "HANG TIME", the amount of time & distance the water exiting a snow gun has to freeze before reaching the ground.     Snow-Tec offers an Aluminum Snow Gun Tripod. This aluminum tripod adjusts to grade slope and  allows the snow gun to be set from 2' to 6' off the ground for maximum "Hang Time" and greater adjustability in different weather conditions. Setting the snowgun lower to the ground in windy conditions or to maximum height in calm weather for better snow quality. The tripod is fitted with custom pole sleeve and includes a 24" to 48" telescopic pole with Velcro strap for air & water lines. Quick set-up and compact storage size makes the Aluminum Tripod Snow gun Stand the perfect snow making package!   ..
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