Extended Run Air Line  Connector & water line Blow Out Tool

Extended Run Air Line Connector & water line Blow Out Tool

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Helps with air line Freeze-ups*!

Turn your 5/8" or 3/4" rubber garden hose into a Extended Run* air line!

Just add our Extended Run* connector set and your standard RUBBER garden hose, then connect to your compressor & snowgun.

Using this set up will virtually eliminate airline freeze-ups caused from compressor condensation and reduce air psi loss

Set comes with, snow gun female garden hose fitting, 1/4"male air compressor kwik connect fitting & insulator sleve.

A 5/8"or 3/4" RUBBER garden hose is recommened.  Do Not exceed 120 psi!

*Garden hose MUST be drained and brought indoors after each snowmaking run and insulator sleeve MUST be used on air line connection at snowgun.

When using as the Blow Out tool, just disconnect the garden hose from snowgun and connect it to the water input on the pressure washer & start your air compressor. This will remove the water from the pump / pressure washer all the way to the snowgun, so your ready for your next run.



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