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Snow Inducer Injection System   (OUT OF STOCK)
ENHANCE YOUR SNOWMAKING OUTPUT! SNOW-TEC'S Injection System has been designed & developed to be used with SNOMAX. SNOW-TEC'S patent pending system is the ONLY one of it's kind on the market for home snow making. We are also an authorized SNOMAX distributor. *SNOMAX is used at commercial ski resorts to increase their snow gun output up to 40% and for snow making at higher marginal wet-bulb temps, up to 26.8 degrees to increases snow gun output! Our compact SNOMAX injection system has been designed exclusively for residential and small commercial snow making. System specs: 10 gal. pvc holding tank with a 158 gph internal mixing pump. Digital metering pump for precise SNOMAX injection rate. Inline water manifold with back-flow unit that installs between the water supply and pressure washer. Grounded one wire plug-in and your up and running! Use GFCI protected outlet only. 14/3 extension cord recommended. Simple set-up and up to 10 hours of run time makes Snow-Tec's I..
US $599.00
25gram Bag of Snomax
Enough to treat 8250 gallons of water. Product includes: manufactures mixing ratios. Free Shipping Via: USPS Priority Mail SOLD FOR HOME SNOW MAKING USES ONLY. US sales ONLY.  NO international sales. ..
US $75.00
Extended Run Air Line  Connector & water line Blow Out Tool
Helps with air line Freeze-ups*! Turn your 5/8" or 3/4" rubber garden hose into a Extended Run* air line! Using this set up will virtually eliminate airline freeze-ups caused from compressor condensation and reduce air psi loss.  Set comes with, snow gun female garden hose fitting, 1/4"male air compressor kwik connect fitting & insulator sleve. *Garden hose MUST be drained and brought indoors after each snowmaking run and insulator sleeve MUST be used on air line connection at snowgun. When using as the Blow Out tool, just disconnect the garden hose from snowgun and connect it to the water input on the pressure washer & start your air compressor. This will remove the water from the pump / pressure washer all the way to the snowgun, so your ready for your next run. Free Shipping!!   ..
US $45.00
Snow-tec has a full line of replacement nozzles for your ST series snowmaker. Bulk nozzle, Nuk nozzle and Air nozzle's are available. Please call us first to order the correct size and type nozzle and have your snow gun handy when calling. Price is per nozzle.  Free Shipping! ..
US $25.00
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