Snow Inducer Injection System   (OUT OF STOCK)

Snow Inducer Injection System (OUT OF STOCK)

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SNOW-TEC'S Injection System has been designed & developed to be used with SNOMAX.

SNOW-TEC'S patent pending system is the ONLY one of it's kind on the market for home snow making. We are also an authorized SNOMAX distributor.

*SNOMAX is used at commercial ski resorts to increase their snow gun output up to 40% and for snow making at higher marginal wet-bulb temps, up to 26.8 degrees to increases snow gun output!

Our compact SNOMAX injection system has been designed exclusively for residential and small commercial snow making.

System specs: 10 gal. pvc holding tank with a 158 gph internal mixing pump. Digital metering pump for precise SNOMAX injection rate. Inline water manifold with back-flow unit that installs between the water supply and pressure washer. Grounded one wire plug-in and your up and running! Use GFCI protected outlet only. 14/3 extension cord recommended.

Simple set-up and up to 10 hours of run time makes Snow-Tec's Injection System the ultimate piece of equipment for the serious snow maker!


  • SNOMAX information/fact sheets,injection system operating manual, Metering pump manual with Manufactures Warranty, Wet-Bulb chart and 25 grams of SNOMAX.(enough to treat 8000+ gallons of water)

*Statements claimed by: SNOMAX INTERNATIONAL

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